How do I Change the Clutch Fluid in a Honda CRV?

The clutch system on an automatic transmission uses the same hydraulic fluid the brakes use. Like brake fluid, clutch fluid needs to be changed eventually.

If you want to change the fluid in your Honda CRV without disassembling the clutch system, you will need to gradually bleed the old fluid out while adding the new fluid. The job requires at least two people and might vary slightly depending on the vehicle's model year.

Raise the vehicle's front end and support it on jack stands. The clutch master cylinder is located behind the clutch pedal with the two components separated by the firewall.

Loosen the bleeder valve on the clutch master cylinder with an 8-millimeter wrench, but do not remove the valve completely. Connect a clear tube to the valve and stick the tube's other end in a container.

Have your assistant press the clutch pedal in the car and look for the fluid to come out of the tube and into the container. Release the pedal and tighten the valve when the fluid stops easily flowing.

Open the cap on the clutch cylinder reservoir. Add fresh DOT 3 brake fluid to a point in between the minimum and maximum lines in the filler neck.

Repeat the bleeding and fill process until the fluid coming out the tube consistently shows the clearer, fresh colour, then tighten the valve while your assistant presses down on the pedal.

Lower the car off the jack stands.