How to Troubleshoot a Pelco KBD300A

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Your Pelco KBD300A desktop keyboard controller provides you with a number of security camera functions, including having up to 16 camera receivers connected to one switcher and control of the zoom using the keys and joystick. Also, use your keyboard controller to control the main camera functions, such as pan, tilt, start and stop. Problems can arise during use. Troubleshooting your Pelco KBD300A allows you to pinpoint what you must do to get your controller functioning again in a brief period of time.

Run an audio test if you cannot hear the audio of the digital video recorder (DVR) by first opening the Windows control panel. Double-click "Sounds and Audio" devices, and then click "Test Hardware" on the Voice tab.

Disable the Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) service since it uses port 5000. This is the same port the DVR uses by clicking "Start," going to "Settings," clicking "Control Panel," and then double-clicking "Administrative Tools." Double-click "Services," "SSDP Discovery Service" and "Stop" under the Service status on the General tab. The SSDP detects all of the Universal Plug and Play devices on a network. Select "Disabled" under Startup type.

Check to make certain you have a DVR running, if a DVR client cannot connect to a DVR.

Ensure DVR supports networking feature by clicking the DVR panel, pressing and holding down the Control key, and then typing the letters "DINA" on the keyboard. You will see a list of DVR features on the screen with "Network enabled."

Run a diagnostic test if you do not see the hard drive listed as one of the hardware devices. This means you have a hard disk failure. You will also see an error message such as "Hard Drive Imminent Failure" when you start your system. Get the diagnostic test from the manufacture of the hard disk or from the DVR supplier.

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