How to glue leather to leather

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Leather is a durable yet flexible material, making it perfect for use in clothing and many other products. Sometimes, when creating leather products, it is not possible or desirable to stitch leather. Gluing leather can help you create a nicer-looking do-it-yourself project or repair an item that has come apart.

Clean the part of the leather you want to attach. This removes dirt, grime and other material that could react with the glue and prevent a strong bond from forming. Scuff the leather with wire wool or sandpaper to create a rough surface that will help form a stronger bond.

Apply a thin coat of rubber cement--the kind used in shoe making--to one of the pieces of leather you plan to attach. The glue should be applied in a thin layer covering the area rather than solely in the centre or around the edges. This helps make the bond stronger.

Put the pieces of leather together before the glue begins to dry. Hold the pieces together, applying even pressure across the area being glued. You may wish to use a book or other heavy object to keep the pressure on the bonded surfaces, because the glue needs at least an hour to set.