How to make a trampoline bouncy

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Trampolines, like anything that includes a spring, requires some maintenance to continue to have the same bounce that it had when it was first purchased. Trampolines consist of a large mat of fabric stretched over several different springs of various sizes and widths, depending on the diameter of the trampoline. Trampolines are used for simple recreation and exercise programs, so when a spring becomes weak, it is important to replace it. Failure to do so can cause a tear in the more expensive mat and possible lead to injuries.

Measure the broken or damaged spring. Springs measure from hook to hook.

Look for information online about parts for your specific trampoline. Enter the trampoline's serial number or any identifying information. It is important that you get the exact same size (length, width, coil) of spring that the manufacturer recommends.

Hook the replacement springs under the trampoline pad. Wear gloves to protect your hands. The hook will not have a lot of give and should be difficult to stretch. The hooks attach the pad of the trampoline to the frame.

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