DIY Microphone Stand Boom

Microphone image by Towards Ithaca from

One of the hardest parts of doing live stage work or video production is making sure your actors are heard while keeping their hands free. Normally, they would just carry a microphone or situate themself in front of a microphone stand, but both of these options limit an actor's movements.

The answer to this problem is placing the mic on a boom stand. A boom stand allows you to position the stand away from the actor while still getting the microphone near enough to pick up sound.

Drill a hole using the 5/16-inch bit through the centre of the plastic threaded end of the painter's pole.

Screw one of the 3/16-inch hex nuts onto a side of the hanger bolt. Twist the pointed end of the hanger bolt into the hole you just drilled in the telescoping pole.

Attach the thread adaptor to the exposed end of the hanger bolt. Attach the shockmount to the thread adaptor. This is where the microphone will go.

Place the floor flange in the centre of the plywood board and screw it in by driving screws through the holes and into the plywood. Insert one of the PVC screw-to-socket adaptors into the floor flange and screw it into place.

Place a piece of 3/4-inch PVC pipe into the socket side of the adaptor. Attach the other screw-to-socket adaptor to the top of the PVC pipe.

Screw the split T into the screw side of the adaptor you placed on the PVC pipe. Place the telescoping pole into the split T to hold it into place.