How to mount flags on a motorcycle

Many motorcycle owners are patriotic and choose to secure flags onto the frame of their motorcycles. Many companies sell flag-mounting brackets for motorcycles. You can purchase them at most motorcycle dealerships or online at websites such as, Rumbling Pride or Dennis

Fortunately, with the wide array of mounts available, you can install flags and remove them without doing any permanent modifications.

Look at your motorcycle, and determine where you want the flags to mount. Some people attach them to the frame, some attach them to the sissy bar located on the rear fender, and some attach them to their hard-shell saddlebags. Decide where you feel they would look best to you on your motorcycle.

Measure the diameter of the mounting location. In some cases, the mount will attach to a square tube (some sissy bars), but in most cases the mount will attach to a round tube. Measure the circumference of the tube with a pair of calipers. You can purchase calipers at most home-improvement stores for just a few dollars.

Locate a bracket that fits the size of your tube. For example, you want to mount the brackets to chrome tubing on your saddlebag. The tubing has a diameter of 1 inch. You need to purchase a flag mount designed to attach to a 1-inch tube.

Remove the bottom half of the mount using an Allen wrench. Almost all clamps use a two-piece clamp where the bottom attaches to the top using two Allen head bolts.

Place the clamp on the tube, slide the flag pole into the flag pole receiver on the clamp and tighten everything in place using the two Allen head bolts and the Allen wrench.