How to Get Free Carfax Information

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There are several ways to get a free Carfax report when looking to buy a used car. Carfax reports will provide a buyer with a detailed history of the car such as the mileage history, accident indicators, previous damage to the car and service records. The report will help the buyer make more well-informed decisions and will take a lot of the uneasiness out of the big purchase. One simple report can be the difference between buying a lemon or the car you've always wanted. Don't take a chance on a used car until you know all of the facts.

Visit to find a car that comes with a free Carfax report. The site has a database of Carfax-subscribing dealerships in your area. Enter in the year, make and model of the car you want and it will provide you with a list of used cars in your area that come with the report.

Search for a Carfax report on a car you have found offline or on another site by entering in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into a search engine on The VIN can be located on the dashboard of the car or on title documents. If you are having trouble finding it ask the seller to provide you with the VIN.

Browse vehicle inventory sites for cars with the free Carfax report link. If the site is run by a Carfax-subscribing dealer and you cannot find a link to the report on a car you are considering it just means they have not run a report for that car yet. Ask the dealer to run a report.

Visit the dealer's web site directly and look for the Carfax report link on the listing of the car you are interested in. Not every car dealership will post the link on their website. Ask the dealer for the report if the link is not provided.

Ask a private seller to purchase the Carfax report for you before buying a car from them. Carfax reports can be purchased on the Carfax website. Inform the seller that the report will provide you with important information on the history of the car and will help you feel more confident about buying the car. If they refuse, reconsider buying the car as they may be trying to hide a major problem.

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