Toyota rav4 door lock removal Images

To remove the door lock on a Toyota Rav4, you must remove the inner door panel so you can access the locking mechanism and the jam nut that secures the lock to the door's sheet metal. You can purchase a replacement lock from a Toyota dealership or you can order them from most automotive part suppliers.

Open the driver's side door and ensure the window for the door is completely in the up position.

Wedge a screwdriver between the inner sheet metal and the inner plastic panel in the lower left corner of the door.

Pry the plastic panel away from the door as you work you way around the plastic panel. The plastic panel has tabs that press into the sheet metal. As you move the screwdriver around you will pry the clips out of the door.

Remove the pan head screws from the bottom of the arm rest with a socket and ratchet. Pull the arm rest and the plastic door panel off the sheet metal.

Locate the door lock though an access hole in the inner door.

Pull the snap ring off the bar that secures to the backside of the lock with a pair of pliers and then pull the bar free of the lock.

Loosen the jam nut threaded onto the back of the lock using a pair of pliers.

Push on the back of the lock as you pull the lock from the front of the door.