How to Install Mini Car Carpeting

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Mini Coopers or "Minis," as they are sometimes called, are popular right now among a certain segment of the driving population. While many buy them because they are "cute," others appreciate them for their handling and surprising spunk. To recarpet a Mini, you pretty much follow the same procedures as any other car; however, you will be working in a much tighter space.

Order the Mini Cooper carpet kit online or from a local dealership. Be sure to give all pertinent details when you order. Include the year of production, the model, whether it is two-door or three-door and the specific carpet colour with numbered code.

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Use quart-size plastic bags to store bolts and their related components, as you remove the seats and other objects to get to the carpet. Label each bag of parts and lay it aside in an orderly fashion, as you remove each part. Rack and raise the Mini in order to get to the underside bolts holding the seats in place. Begin with the seats, removing the front seats first, then the back. Set each seat aside and keep the bolts, washers and nuts that came a particular seat with that seat.

Remove the seat belts, next. Use a ratchet or Torx bit to remove only the bolts anchored in the carpet. Remove the Mini door sill plate that holds the carpet in place on the door threshold, by removing the fasteners first, then prying up the sills.

Remove the kick panels on each lower side of the Mini front passenger cabin by locating and removing the fasteners of each. Remove the other interior trim that rests on the carpet. Continue removing the trim, console and shifter, until you have uncovered all carpet edges of the entire Mini car interior.

Open the Mini carpet replacement kit. Unpack it, check it as you separate it and lay it out on the floor. Call the dealer immediately if you find any stains or other damage. Give the carpeting time to reach room temperature, if it has been in an extremely cold area.

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Discard the old carpeting. Use a pair of pliers and start at any corner of the now fully exposed carpet. Tugging gently, gradually pull the carpet up and away from the frame and floorboards. Work your way around the entire Mini carpet, extracting it as you go, until the entire area is cleared of old carpet.

Sweep or vacuum the now bare area to free it of dust and debris left behind. Carefully lay in the new carpet, by sections, following the floor layout and the enclosed directions specific to your model. Replace all the removed parts as you replace each section.

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