How to Sign a Passport

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Congratulations, you've finally decided to get out of the country and see the world. You've applied for your passport, patiently waited five to seven weeks and it has finally arrived in the mail. Before you race to the airport however, you must sign your passport. This is a simple procedure, but there are few things to keep in mind, including using the right kind of pen and making sure that you sign your passport with the same type of signature you use for other important documents.

Open your passport to the signature page. The signature page is the second page in your passport right next to the page with your picture and personal information. The signature page has a statement from the Secretary of State that requests a foreign government to allow you to enter their country. The statement is in English and repeated in French. At the bottom of the page is the line for you to sign your name.

Use a blue or black ink felt-tip, roller ball or calligraphy pen, according to New Do not use a ballpoint pen.

Sign your full name in the same way that you signed your passport application, and how you would sign any check or credit card. For instance if you normally sign important documents with your middle initial and not the full name spelt out, sign your passport in the same way. In case of any fraud, it is important that your signature matches up with other documents you have signed. If you have a child that is to small to write his name, sign his name for him and put mother or father in parenthesis next to it.

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