DE-894 Panasonic Battery Charger Instructions

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Rechargeable batteries allow you to use the batteries over and over, continually charging the batteries with a supplied battery charger. Rechargeable batteries come in many different sizes, including AA. The Panasonic DE-894 battery charging cradle charges compatible AA batteries to be used in cameras, game systems and many other devices. The DE-894 is no longer made by Panasonic, but the company does offer comparable chargers, all of which work the same way as the DE-894.

Connect the charging cable to the charging port located on the top of the Panasonic DE-894.

Plug the other end of the charging cable into an electrical socket.

Insert both batteries sideways into the DE-894, with the positive side of the battery facing left. Allow your batteries to charge for at least five hours for a full charge.

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