How to Return a Rented Car Early to Enterprise

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Sometimes a vacation or business trip may need to be cut short. You may travel home for an emergency and not end up staying as long as you expected. Whatever the case, you will need to return your rental car early. Enterprise makes it relatively easy to return your rental car early, just be sure you return it to the same location you rented it at, unless previous arrangements were made, to avoid a one-way fee.

Call the local Enterprise location where you rented the car. You will be able to find their number at the top of the rental car agreement. If it is after hours, call Enterprise customer service at 1-800-261-7331.

Tell them your itinerary has changed and that you will be returning the car early. They will then give you an updated price. Keep in mind this may be slightly higher per day than you were quoted originally since you often get discounts for keeping the vehicle longer.

Return the car at the agreed upon time.

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