How to Install a Digital Lock

Digital locks may be enticing to someone who wishes to secure their home from intruders without the necessity of carrying around a key. A digital lock generally refers to two types of keyless locks: push-button locks and computerised keypad locks. The digital lock operates by storing a code in a microchip and unlocking upon entry of the code. As of 2010, many digital locks are available for under £65, though the more advanced and heavy-duty the lock, the greater the expense.

Remove the current standard lock from your door by unscrewing all of the attached screws. Look for tiny and hidden screws that may even be in the door handle. Gently rock the lock and handle until it releases.

Place the digital lock stencil paper that came with the digital lock against the door where the lock will sit. Make markings on the door with a pencil, indicating any areas that must be removed to fit the digital lock. If necessary, cut out pieces of the door with a saw.

Insert the latchbolt plate into the side of the door that sits flush with the wall when the door is closed. Insert the lock into the hole in the door. Line up the lock support pins to fit into the latchbolt plate. Screw the pieces into the door with your screwdriver. Follow any supplemental instructions in the digital lock manual to properly align and set up the lock.

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