How to Replace Broken Leatherman Parts

The Leatherman tool company has a reputation for quick and convenient repair of broken parts. All Leatherman tools come with a 25-year warranty, which covers normal wear and tear, but not abuse, unreasonable use, alteration, theft or loss.

You should only have your Leatherman repaired by the manufacturer--don't attempt parts replacement at home. This ensures a long-lasting repair for a well-operating tool. Any attempts at home repair will void your warranty with the company.

Visit the Leatherman website. Click on the link for "North American Warranty" or "International Warranty," depending on your location. Click on the link for the Leatherman Warranty Return Form PDF file.

Fill out the information on the form, including a detailed description of the broken part or problem you are experiencing with the tool. Print the form.

Mail the tool and form in an insured and trackable package to the address listed on the form. Leatherman is not responsible for tools lost or damaged in the mail.

Include a note if you want your original tool returned to you. If there's irreparable damage, Leatherman reserves the right to replace your old tool. In this case, the company won't send the old tool back to you with the replacement. If provided a note, the company will return the old tool but not the new one. You must relinquish the damaged tool to receive the replacement.