How Would You Clean a Sunbed?

Sunbeds or tanning beds, need to be cleaned often, especially if used frequently. Skin cells, hair, tanning lotion, body secretions and sweat coat the inside of the bed. White distilled vinegar cuts through the body oil and other debris. It also kills germs.

Cleaning the bed keeps it sanitary, which is vital if multiple people are using the bed. These beds need to be cleaned after each use because the dirt and debris can cause eventual damage to the parts of the bed. A coating of debris may also block some of the rays given off by the bulbs.

Unplug the bed with dry hands. Touching an electrical socket with wet hands can result in electrocution. If possible, move the bed six or more inches away from the electrical socket as an extra safety precaution.

Pour two cups of vinegar into a one gallon water bucket. Fill the bucket 3/4 full of warm water. Stir the water and vinegar for 20 seconds with the spoon to evenly mix the two liquids.

Dip the clean rag into the water to wet it. Squeeze out the excess water. Dripping water from the rag creates a mess, adding unnecessary time and effort to the cleaning process.

Wipe off all the surfaces of the sunbed. Dip the rag into the water and wring out as needed. Use small, circular motions to help break up the dirt and ensure complete cleaning coverage. As you rub the surface, the vinegar cuts through the body oil and other debris.

Let the sunbed dry completely before using again.Wipe the surface down with a towel to remove most of the water. The rest will evaporate as it dries. Do not turn on the sunbed to dry the water. I