How to Create a Menu for Free

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Creating a menu gives guests or patrons a chance to get excited about the food they are about to enjoy. says that a strong menu is vital for small business owners because it can define the image of your restaurant.

Menus can be as basic as just listing the foods that are being served, or they can incorporate descriptions about the meals and drinks. Whether you need to create a menu for your new restaurant or for a simple dinner party in your home, you can use simple, free templates to create a custom look and size for your menu.

Open a new document in Microsoft Word. You can do this by clicking the "Start" menu in your Microsoft Office program and then clicking "New."

Do a template search by typing the word "menu" into the template search box. This will bring up a variety of different menu templates from which to choose.

Choose your ideal menu template from the list. Your menu needs and the "feel" you are going for will help you determine what your ideal menu template is. Keep in mind the amount of food choices you wish to add to your menu and also if you need to list contact information. For example, if you are a restaurant, the contact information on the menu is important.

Add in your food and drink choices. This, along with other customised features like menu descriptions, contact information and the menu name, can be added in to your menu.

Visit the HP menu creation website (see Resources).

Choose a menu template. The HP website has two pages of different menu styles from which to choose. Click on the one that best suits your style and needs. You can also filter the styles by different criteria, such as "Free, Print In-House" and "Pay for Templates."

Download the template to your computer. If you roll your mouse over the "Download" button, you can preview your menu before downloading it.

Add your menu items to the menu. After you have downloaded the HP menu to your Microsoft Word program, you can customise it and tailor it to what foods you have available.

Visit The Paper Mill Store website for restaurant and bar menus (see Resources). The Paper Mill Store offers several free restaurant and bar menu templates.

Scroll down to view the menu options. This website has menu options, such as right-angled fold, letter fold and accordion fold, from which you can choose.

Scroll down more to see the download options. You can download The Paper Mill Store menu templates free to almost any software, including Microsoft Word and Illustrator. Click on the "Download" button to download to your computer.

Customise your menu as you wish.