How to determine the value of rare coins

If you have inherited or found some coins that you believe to be rare, you may be wondering about their value. The value of coins depends upon their condition, rarity and demand for them. The better the condition, the more rare and more in demand the coins, the higher the value.

Look on coin trading websites, such as eBay (see Resources), to see if you can find any similar coins. If so, you can determine the value of the coins based on the selling price you find.

Use an online price guide, such as Coinlink, NCG Coin or Greysheet (see Resources). Some online price guides are free while others charge a fee. As of November 2010, Greysheet charges £2.50 for the most recent coin pricing guide.

Submit your coins to have them graded, which rates the quality of the coin. You can do this online through a service such as that offered by NCG Coin (see Resources), or with a currency specialist in your area. The fee for grading varies and can range from £6 to over £390.

Take your coins to a local currency specialist in your area to have them professionally appraised.