How to Install a Mazda 323 Deck

The factory stereo deck in the Mazda 323 has an AM/FM radio and built-in CD player. 323 owners who wish to replace a malfunctioning stock deck or upgrade to a more powerful system can choose from a variety of aftermarket head units.

Once you have chosen your new stereo, you can have the deck professionally installed by a car audio technician, or you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Lift the Mazda's bonnet. Loosen the bolts securing the negative battery cable to the negative battery terminal with a wrench. Remove the cable from the battery and set it aside safely. Return to the inside cabin of the vehicle.

Pry to two flaps outward on either side of that stock stereo with a flathead screwdriver or trim panel removal tool. Release the two plastic clips on either side of the stereo with the screwdriver or trim panel tool. Grab the stereo by hand and pull it away from the dashboard.

Disconnect he stereo wiring connectors from the outlets on the back of the stock stereo. Unplug the antenna cable from the back of the Mazda's stereo. Set the factory stereo unit aside.

Slide the installation sleeve into the Mazda stereo mounting deck and fold the metal tabs inside the sleeve outward with the screwdriver. Pull the stereo wiring and antenna cable through the back of the stereo dock to the front of the Mazda's dashboard. Connect the stereo wiring connectors to the wiring harness adaptor leads. Plug the wiring harness adaptor's lead connectors into the outlets on the rear panel of the new stereo. Insert the antenna lead into the FM antenna input on the back of the aftermarket stereo.

Slide to new stereo unit into the installation sleeve until it snaps into place. Fold the flaps on either side of the stereo to lock the stereo in place.

Replace negative battery cable clamp onto the negative battery terminal and tighten the bolts with the wrench.