How to freeze grass seed to germinate

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The germination rate of seeds is important to the establishment of new grass. If more seeds germinate, then the lawn grows more thick and full, with fewer bare patches. Germination rates are so critical that they can be found on many bags of grass seed. Encouraging the seeds to germinate quickly and evenly help them to sprout and thrive in less time, leading to faster lawn establishment. Homeowners can freeze grass seed one to two nights prior to planting to help them germinate.

Fill several ice cube trays with water until the compartments are half full. Freeze the half-filled ice cubes.

Sprinkle the grass seed over the top of the ice. Wait for the ice cube halves to start to thaw.

Fill the trays the rest of the way with water. Place the trays back into the freezer.

Keep the grass seed filled ice cubes in the freezer for one or two days.

Remove the ice cube trays from the freezer and thaw the seeds out immediately prior to planting.

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