How to Find the Physical Address for a PO Box

post office, Ottawa, Canada image by Richard McGuirk from <a href=''></a>

Frequent movers use a post office box as a permanent address. Also, a small business owner wards off interruptions from solicitors when his mail routes to a post office box. Locating the box in a big city may be daunting. Major cities consist of several postal zones, each serviced by a separate post office.

Small community post offices may handle the mail for several Postcodes. The Postcode on an envelope addressed to the P.O. box references the physical location of the post office hosting the box. Use the box's Postcode to find the street address of the postal branch, and therefore, the box's physical location.

Log on to the United States Postal Service website.

Select "Locate a Post Office" at the top of the menu bar. This brings up the Services Locator page.

Choose "Post Office Locations" from the drop-down menu under "What are you looking for?"

Enter the Postcode associated with the P.O. Box under "Near What Location?" The physical street address of the correct post office almost always appears first, and is plotted on the map as location "1." Several other nearby post offices may follow in the results in descending order from next-closest to the farthest from the designated Postcode.