How to Create a Victorian Bedroom

ornate Victorian image by John Sfondilias from

Transporting your bedroom back a couple of centuries is no easy task. But if you have the time and funds to create one, a Victorian-era bedroom will bring a romantic feel to your home. Search antique stores, estate sales and newspaper listings for Victorian-style furniture.

The era's decor was marked by repeating patterns and colour combinations, often including gold. Keep an eye out for furniture and light fixtures with carved or welded designs like vines and spirals.

Explore photos of old Victorian rooms to familiarise yourself with the colour scheme and designs that are associated with the era. Once you have a motif, search for antique, historic or Victorian wallpaper. The wallpaper will tie all elements of the room together because it will surround all the other furnishings.

Acquire or make curtains to complement your wallpaper. Usually, Victorian curtains were long, pale and layered. Your curtains should have layers of lace and can be bunched and tied to the sides with cords of decorative rope.

Arrange several rugs on the floor. Victorian-era bedrooms did not have carpet, so remove the carpet first if there is any in the room you are decorating. The pattern in the wallpaper can be echoed in the rugs you place on the floor. If you cannot find exact matches, simply find rugs with elements that match, such as leaves or birds similar to those in the wallpaper. Be sure to match the colours.

Attach a canopy to the bed. The canopy can be lighter in colour to coordinate with the curtains, rather than repeating the pattern in the wallpaper. Stain your bed with a dark finish if it is not already a dark wood. Place a quilt or comforter on the bed; it should match or echo the wallpaper pattern.

Stain all wooden bedroom furniture a dark colour if they are not already. Attempt to mimic walnut, rosewood or mahogany if your bedroom set is not constructed from these materials. Furnishings should be coordinated, so to coordinate items that cannot be stained such as settees or ottomans. Use blankets or drape linens that match the decor The focal point of the room should be the bed.

Hang a brass chandelier or use a smaller brass lamp on a dark wooden bedside table for lighting. Do not use tall standing lamps.