How to Change the Front Sway Bar on a Ford Focus

The front sway bar on a Ford Focus controls body roll and improves handling by holding the body in line with the chassis. The sway bar is a key component in the front suspension. The sway bar ends can wear out, decreasing the bar's ability to perform its job. When this occurs in your Ford Focus, you can replace the sway bar in about an hour if you have basic auto-repair skills and the right tools.

Shove the wheel chocks against one of the Ford Focus's rear wheels to prevent the car from rolling. Lift the front end with the floor jack and lower it onto the two jack stands, positioned under the front jack points on the body rails.

Climb under the front end of the Focus with your socket set. Unbolt the front sway bar from the sway bar links with the socket set. Unbolt the sway bar brackets from the front frame with the socket set.

Lower the sway bar and remove it from under the car. Place the new sway bar in position.

Bolt the sway bar brackets to the frame with your socket set. Bolt the sway bar ends to the sway bar links with the socket set.

Lift the front end off the jack stands and lower the front end onto the ground with the floor jack. Move the wheel chocks away from the back wheel before driving your Focus.

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