How to Wire Two Sky TV Boxes to One Dish

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Connecting two Sky Television receivers to your satellite dish is one way to reduce household arguments about what to watch on TV. With the correct Low Noise Block (LNB) converter fixed to your satellite dish, you can feed the Sky TV signal to up to eight separate receivers in different rooms.

To watch Sky TV's premium channels on all receivers you will need additional viewing cards through a Sky Multiroom subscription package. However, you can view the basic "free-to-air" BBC and ITV channels on additional receivers without a Sky Multiroom subscription. (See Reference 1.)

Survey your house or apartment and calculate the amount of coaxial cable required to run an additional feed from your satellite dish to the location of the second Sky TV receiver.

Inspect the LNB at the end of the dish arm on your Sky satellite dish. To connect two standard Sky TV receivers, the LNB must have two spare signal output jacks. (See Reference 2.)

Remove the existing LNB if it has only a single connection jack. Disconnect the existing feed cable from the LNB by pushing off the rubber weatherproof cover and unscrewing the F-type cable connector from the LNB output jack. Unscrew or unclasp the LNB unit from the dish arm.

Clip or screw on the new LNB to the dish arm. Reconnect the existing feed to one of the LNB signal output jacks by screwing on the F-type cable connector. Waterproof this joint by pushing on the rubber weatherproof cover.

Install digital-grade coaxial cable from the location of your second Sky TV receiver to the Sky satellite dish. Secure the cable with cable clamps or cable ties. Avoid sharp kinks and bends along the cable and use the shortest possible run of cable. Use a power drill to create passage holes through walls.

Attach an F-type cable connector to the dish end of the new coaxial cable. Screw on the connector to an unused output jack on the satellite dish LNB. Waterproof this joint by pushing on the rubber weatherproof cover or by winding self-amalgamating tape around the socket/cable connection.

Fix an F-type cable connector to the receiver end of the newly installed coaxial cable. Plug in to the antenna input socket of your second Sky Television receiver. Insert the additional Sky Multiroom viewing card into the slot on the front panel of the Sky TV receiver.