How to Adjust a Kitchen Corner Carousel

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A kitchen corner carousel cabinet, also called a "lazy Susan", is a space-saving cabinet used in many homes to store cooking and baking supplies. The shelves are circular or half-moon shaped and are mounted to a pole on which they use as an axis in order to turn or spin so the back part of the shelf can be accessed. When a corner carousel's round shelves are not installed correctly, they will run into the door or prevent the door from closing properly.

Remove the doors of the cabinet by unscrewing the hinges. Set the doors and screws in a safe place. Clean out the cabinet.

Look underneath the shelves. On the carousel's support pole is a metal cam, which is a metal round piece that you adjust with a screw driver. The cam is tightened to secure the round shelves to the pole so they can spin freely on the pole's shaft. Compare the position of the support brackets on the shelf to the way the shelf itself is sitting on it to determine how the support bracket needs to be moved in order for the shelf to sit correctly in its final resting position in the cabinet.

Look at the shelf and decide where the top shelf needs to be located for your storage needs. Mark the metal pole with a felt-tipped pen. Have a helper hold onto the shelf as you loosen the cam, or lockdown set screw with your screw driver. With your helper holding the shelf up out of the way, slide the shelf support bracket up or down to the mark on the pole that you drew. Tighten the lockdown set screw until the bracket has been secured. Lower the carousel shelf and tighten or loosen the cams until the shelf is sitting in the desired position.

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