How to Cut Aluminum Foil

wrinkled foil image by Igor Zhorov from

Aluminium foil is generally associated with cooking, although it actually has multiple household uses. Foil is a good product to use for projects that require a metallic or flexible matter, such as crafts, decorations, antennas and fishing lures. Projects made from aluminium foil may require cutting different types of pieces after the sheets are ripped off the roll of foil. Cutting aluminium foil into smaller or unusual shapes can be a little tricky as it wrinkles and creases easily.

Rip a piece of aluminium foil from the roll. Heavy duty foil is recommended for cutting complex or intricate shapes as it holds its shape more than regular foil. Try to rip the smallest piece necessary for your project.

Lay the foil piece flat on a hard surface. Smooth out any wrinkles.

Measure the size of foil you would like to cut. Draw the measurements or any shapes you will be cutting onto the foil with a permanent marker.

Layer 5 or 6 pieces of foil on top of one another if you need to cut multiple pieces or shapes. Layering the foil eases cutting and speeds up the process.

Cut along the lines you have drawn on the foil. Regular scissors should be able to easily cut through aluminium foil.

Place each piece or shape that you have cut on to a flat surface. Run your hand over each one to get any wrinkles out. You can also smooth out foil by carefully rubbing the shapes with a small cutting board or book.

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