How to write a business introduction letter

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Once your business plan is complete and opening day is drawing near, it's time to write a business introduction letter. Your letter can serve as a cover letter to accompany your business plan when you send it out to investors, or it can be tailored to simply describe your company and its products or services to the press and potential customers. The important thing in any case is to keep your letter brief and to the point, succinctly summing up all the essential information about your business.

Write a salutation and greet the recipient by name, such as "Dear Ms. Wright." It is considered unprofessional to generically address someone in a business letter, so customise each letter you send out.

Write the first paragraph and introduce your business by name. Explain your affiliation with the business, and state your reason for believing the recipient will be interested to hear about the company.

Write the second paragraph and go into more detail about why you are writing. Be polite but direct. If you are requesting an investment or financial backing, state so, and include the amount. If you are inviting the recipient to opening day or want him to become a customer, describe your products or services and state why you believe the recipient might want them.

Write a closing paragraph and indicate whether any documents are enclosed, such as the business plan, brochures or business cards. Indicate if you would like to follow up with a phone call or meeting about the business, and state how the recipient can contact you with questions or concerns. Thank the recipient for her time and consideration. Type a closing ("Best Wishes") and your name.

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