How to Look After Sunflowers

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Several different types of plants and flowers can help brighten up your landscape and improve the overall appearance of your garden. One particularly attractive flower is the sunflower. Before you plant sunflowers in your yard or in your garden, understand the basics of caring for them to make sure they grow strong and healthy. Sunflowers, thankfully, are not especially difficult to take care of.

Plant your sunflowers where they will get plenty of sunlight -- at least eight hours a day. Sunflowers will actually turn toward the sun to get more of it, using a process called heliotropism.

Water your sunflower plants periodically with a hose or watering can. If you live in an area with adequate moisture, the sunflowers should be fine because they have very large root systems. Avoid watering before and after flowering occurs, or they could wilt or become deformed.

Watch the height of your sunflowers carefully. They can easily grow several feet tall, making them more vulnerable to breakage. If necessary, stake your sunflowers to keep them from breaking. Make sure that the string or florist's ties you use to tie the stake to the flower do not cut through the stalk.

Fertilise the sunflower regularly with liquid fertiliser, following the manufacturer's directions. Do not pour the fertiliser directly on the stems so you do not damage them.

Remove weeds and other organic materials from around your sunflower plants as you see them appear. Be sure to remove the whole weed, including the roots, so it doesn't grow back or interfere with the root system of your sunflowers.

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