How to Repair Paper Lampshades

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Lampshades add a functional and decorative element to every room, but a broken lampshade serves neither of those purposes. Damaged lampshades look unsightly and may allow blinding light to hit your eyes. If your lampshade becomes damaged or ripped, don't go out and purchase an expensive replacement.

Fix it yourself with a few common household supplies.

Cut strips of the double-sided foam tape and secure the tape around the inner edge of the shade where the wire ring will attach. Remove the outside wrapper from the double-sided tape.

Place the lampshade ringside down on your workspace and position the wire ring inside. Hold the ring inside the shade and use your other hand to press the outside of the shade into the wire ring.

Cut a strip of masking tape several inches long and snip notches onto one side of the tape. Tuck the notched side of the tape in between the wire ring and the shade. Snip notches into the opposite side of the tape and press the tape down firmly against the inside of the lampshade. Repeat until the wire ring is completely covered in masking tape.

Cover the ripped area of the paper shade with packing or masking tape. Make sure that the shade is still in the original shape.

Cut strips of the craft paper into large pieces and trim it to where you will place it on the shade.

Apply d├ęcoupage glue to the backside of the craft paper and the outside of the lampshade. Repeat until the lampshade is covered in the new pieces of craft paper.

Cover the entire shade with a layer of d├ęcoupage glue. Make sure to cover the edges of the lamp well so that there is no fraying.