How to Connect an iPad to a BB

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The iPad is a tablet computer manufactured and marketed by Apple Inc. that utilises a multi-touch graphical user interface. BlackBerry is a line of smartphone devices manufactured and marketed by Research In Motion (RIM). Both The iPad and BlackBerry devices feature Bluetooth connectivity and it is possible to connect your BlackBerry device to your iPad using the Bluetooth feature.

Tap the "Settings" icon on your iPad and select the "General" option.

Select the "Bluetooth" option. Move the switch located to the right of "Bluetooth" to the "ON" position.

Select the "Options" or "Settings" menu on your BlackBerry device. Choose the "Bluetooth" option. Select "ON" to activate the Bluetooth on your BlackBerry.

Select your BlackBerry Device from the list of available Bluetooth devices on your iPad. When prompted to enter a passcode for your BlackBerry, enter "1111" without the quotation marks.

Wait for the devices to pair or connect. When the process is complete your iPad will prompt you that the devices are connected.

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