How to clean a static caravan

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Cleaning your static caravan is important to maintain its exterior and prolong its lifespan. Chemicals from air pollutants can collect in dirt and debris and deteriorate the outer shell of the caravan over time, but with effective cleaning you can protect the exterior from harmful compounds.

According to the Caravan Club, "frequent washing will prevent the build up of corrosive elements from the air," so maintenance is essential to keep your static caravan in good shape for years to come.

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Position the ladders halfway along the static caravan, making sure that they are stable and on a level surface. Power wash the roof with the jet wash to remove any dirt and leaves into the gutters. By positioning yourself halfway along the caravan, the jet wash should move all debris on each portion of the roof without you having to reposition the ladders.

Wear rubber gloves, and clear all leaves, debris and sludge from the gutters, and put them in a bucket. Reposition the ladders around the static caravan at 1.8 m (6 foot) intervals so that you can clear 90 cm (3 feet) of guttering on each side in one go. Place the ladders at the highest point of the gutters, and jet wash the inside so that it clears any final dirt away.

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Empty the bucket, rinse and fill with warm water and car wash shampoo. Use a shampoo that contains a wax, as this helps to further protect the exterior of the caravan. Car shampoo is also milder than domestic household detergents, which are too harsh to use on caravan exteriors.

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Sponge down the caravan with the car wash solution, working from top to bottom in 1.8 m (6 foot) sections. Rinse off each section with the jet wash as you go, so that the foam does not dry onto the exterior. Refill the bucket with solution when it becomes dirty so that the car wash shampoo and wax is as effective as possible.

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Jet wash the rims on doors and windows starting from the top rim and working your way down each side and across the bottom. Grime collects in the rims and compromises the seals, so attention to detail in cleaning the frames is important to prevent future problems with water penetration.

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Spray window cleaner on the glass of the window or door, and working from top to bottom, use the sponge on a rubber blade squeegee to wet the glass thoroughly. Glide the rubber blade of the squeegee holding it vertically across the window, sweeping from left to right and from top to bottom. The rubber blade clears the cleaner and leaves the window smear free.