How to Kill Grass Between Pavers

Grass growing between the cracks of pavers can ruin the look of a patio or walkway. Before you run out and buy a chemical weed and grass killer, use one of the green ways to kill the grass between the pavers and help the eco system. Killing the grass using a green alternative is not only good for the environment, but it is also safe for kids, pets and wildlife.

Boil water in a large stock pot with handles. When the water has a good boil, take the pot by the handles and walk outdoors to the area that needs help with killing the grass. Pour the boiling water on the cracks where the grass is growing. The hot water will burn the grass and roots in the same way a fire would. The grass will start wilting right away.

Use white vinegar to kill weeds between pavers. Pour the vinegar directly from the bottle unto the grass between the cracks. The vinegar application should be ample to drench the grass and roots. It takes about one week for the results to show.

Mix salt and water together to make a saline. Make the saline solution strong. Pour the saline solution on the cracks where the grass is growing. The saline will prevent future grass from growing between the pavers.

Apply lemon juice to the cracks between pavers. Pour the lemon juice directly on the grass between the pavers. The lemon juice will start to wilt the grass within hours after the application.

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