How to Find Quartz Crystals

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Quartz crystals are found all over the world in various geographical areas. Some parts of the world are known for producing larger amounts of quartz than others. Quartz is formed on the crust of the earth and is found in sandstone cracks and numerous types of rocks.

Tiny pieces of quartz can be found in sand at the beach. A quartz "vein" is a term typically used for the pieces of quartz found in cracks of larger rocks. Those searching for quartz understand that it is not an easy task and can prove to be moderately challenging.

To begin your quartz search, make use of a mineral-collecting map to find the closest area near you. Many of these maps will point out areas that offer known quartz deposits and mines where quartz has been found. However, make sure that the mine allows public access.

If you know of areas where an old creek or stream once ran, these can be prime areas for finding quartz. Also check under trees or along the banks of active streams and creeks.

Depending on your location, do some research on the area and the types of crystals that are typically found there and familiarise yourself with them. A common type of quartz found is the smoky quartz, so called due to its dark greyish tones.

Scout out for places in the soil where the underlying rock comes up to the surface. Also be on the lookout for quartz that may have been unearthed by previous searchers.

Once you have found a quartz crystal, examine it closely to ensure that it is what you want. Many pieces of quartz are attached to larger rocks, so you will need to use your pick or rock hammer to carefully chip it away from the rock.