How to Empty Old Beer Kegs Out

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A common fixture at parties, weddings and large picnics, a keg is a cylindrical container used to serve beer. Wood, steel and aluminium varieties are available. If the end of the semester is approaching or the picnic season is ending and you want to empty old kegs from a holiday party or summer barbecue celebration, you can do so using a party pump. The process is relatively easy, and once the keg is empty you can recycle the container or refill it as necessary.

Fasten your party pump's coupler to the bunghole located at the top of your old keg. Slot the party pump into place over the bunghole and press down by hand until you seat the party pump securely in place over the bunghole.

Rotate the coupler clockwise to lock in place. Check that the handle is in a locked position, which means it is pressed toward the middle of the coupler.

Open the faucet on the keg slightly to release any pressure that has built up over time, which can occur as you dispense beer. Depending on how full the old keg is, a slight rush of foam may escape.

Open the faucet completely and let the beer run out into a sink. Tilt the keg as needed.

Remove the party pump and recycle your old keg as a brew kettle or refill if applicable. Refillable kegs are available at liquor stores and retailers.

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