How to Remove the Filter Material From the Cigarette

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There are three parts to a standard cigarette. There is the filter, the tobacco and the rolling paper. Filterless cigarettes are called this because they do not have a filter; instead, there is a bit of paper overhang at the end of the cigarette to ensure you do not get a mouth full of tobacco.

The filter on a cigarette traps some of the moisture, tar and nicotine from the cigarette while also protecting the lips and fingers from burning. Making a standard cigarette into a filterless cigarette is a very easy process.

Determine how much of the filter material you wish to remove from the cigarette. You can remove all or part of the filter depending on your preference.

Mark the amount of filter to remove from cigarette. If you wish to remove the entire filter from the cigarette, there is usually a band on the paper of the cigarette that indicates where the filter stops and the tobacco begins.

Snip the filter from the end of the cigarette with scissors. If you do not wish to cut the filter, you can also peel the paper from the filter and remove it that way. Or, grab a pair of tweezers and pluck the cotton filter threads out from the inside (this method will result in the full removal of the cigarette filter).