How to use a face brush

morning make-up face image by Julia Britvich from

Face, or complexion, brushes are a way to exfoliate your skin quickly and effectively, and they can help to make your skin softer. Many women like face brushes because they think that the brushes make their skin cleaner than using their hands. Additionally, facial brushes gently exfoliate dry flaky skin.

These brushes can be traditional wood-backed or battery powered ones, and they are available at a wide range of price points. Battery-powered brushes often vibrate or rotate, providing an extra boost for their cleansing and exfoliating properties.

Sweep the brush over your skin, concentrating on areas that require greater exfoliation, such as the nose and the chin. Use a gentle touch with dry brushes and skin, as there is nothing to shield your skin from the bristles.

Keep your battery-powered brush moving, as you don't want to rest on one spot and irritate the skin.

Rinse with water, and towel dry your face.

Dampen your face with water and apply your facial cleanser. The brush may cause your cleanser to foam more than usual, so you may want to consider using less than you normally would.

Using short strokes, apply the brush to your face. Do not scrub with a manual brush, as that can irritate your skin. Keep a battery powered-brush moving over your skin.

Rinse with water, and towel dry your face.