How to Put a Hood on a Moses Basket

A Moses basket is a tightly woven wicker basket with soft bedding inside for a small infant. These baskets come with handles that make moving the basket easy. Many Moses baskets come with a detachable hood option, which protects a baby's face from the sun or other bright light while he is sleeping.

Inspect the basket for a hooking system. Hoods that come with the basket will have a two-part hooking system, with one part on the basket and the other on the detachable hood.

Inspect the hood and locate the hooking mechanism located there. Both parts of the hooking system must line up in order for the hood to be attached, so knowing how the hood hooks onto the basket before you start will prevent having to remove and reattach the hood due to improper alignment.

Line up the hooking tape on the hood and basket and press down firmly. This will attach the hood to the basket. If the hood is not lined up properly, hold the basket firmly and pull the hood up and off to remove it. Reattach after lining it up properly.