Bex Bissell Instructions

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Bex Bissell is a line of carpet shampooers. The machines, which resemble vacuum cleaners, blast hot water and soap at floors to deep clean the fibres and remove ground-in dirt and stains. Bex Bissells started out as a carpet sweeper in 1876. The device quickly gained popularity as a better way to clean floors than simply using a broom. The company expanded and developed over the next century, eventually inventing the Bex Bissell line of shampooers. As of 2000, the machines became known simply as Bissells.

Press the foot lever located by the right wheel and bring the shampooer's handle down parallel to the floor.

Pull straight up on the water tank handle to remove the unit, and take off the lid. Fill the tank with hot tap water and fit the lid back on. Replace the tank by setting it back in the machine and pushing the handle down parallel to the floor.

Return the shampooer handle to the upright position by pulling up until it locks into place.

Locate the soap tank on the front, right side of the Bex Bissell. Pull it straight up to remove and unscrew the lid.

Pour carpet cleaning solution into the tank up to the fill line. Screw the lid back on and insert the soap tank back into the carpet shampooer.

Plug in the machine and turn the power on using the button on the back of the handle. Wait at least one minute for the water to heat up.

Press the trigger, located on the inside of the upper handle.

Move the machine back and forth over the carpet. This releases the hot water and soap while the Bex Bissell's brushes clean the carpet.

Release the trigger and move the shampooer back and forth over the same area. This action sucks up the water and soap residue.

Continue with Steps 2 to 4 to shampoo the entire carpet. Allow the carpet to dry for several hours before walking on the area.

Unplug the Bex Bissell.

Remove the water tank as before and carry it to a sink or toilet. Open the lid and pour out the collected water and the remaining hot water. Rinse the tank and allow to dry.

Remove the soap tank and pour leftover shampoo back into the main bottle. Alternatively, the soap can remain in the tank until the Bex Bissell is used again.

Wipe down the machine with a cloth, wrap the cord up and store the Bex Bissell until you're ready to use it again.

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