How to Change the Fuel Filter on a PT Cruiser

The purpose of the fuel filter is to filter contaminants out of the fuel in your PT Cruiser. The fuel filter should be replaced every 15,000 miles. If you notice your PT Cruiser idling low or stalls a lot, replace the fuel filter with a new one as it may be the result of a clogged filter.

Open the engine bonnet, locate the fuse box on the passenger side of the vehicle and remove the fuse marked for the fuel pump.

Turn the engine on and run it until it stalls out. This removes pressure on the fuel line.

Place the fuse back into the fuse box.

Locate the fuel filter against the frame rail under the driver's side door. The filter is about three inches long, in line with the fuel line and bolted to the side of the rail. Use the replacement for a visual aid.

Pry the clamp style connectors upward on each end of the filter using a pair of pliers and pull the fuel lines on each end of the filter free of the filter.

Remove the bolt that secures the filter to the frame rail using a socket and ratchet.

Place the new filter onto the frame rail and secure it using the socket and ratchet. Make sure the arrow on the filter faces the engine.

Slide the fuel lines onto the end of the filter and secure them by pressing the locking clamp into place with your fingers.