How to make a cardboard Christmas fireplace

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Most children have heard the story in which Father Christmas comes down the chimney and enters through the fireplace on Christmas Eve. If your home does not have a fireplace, children may be concerned that Santa might not have a way to get in. Create a mock fireplace for Santa to come down from pieces of spare cardboard. This cardboard fireplace can also serve as a charming focal point to hang Christmas stockings for holiday decoration.

Form all of your medium and rectangular-shaped boxes, and seal shut with packing tape. Cut a piece of cardboard to a square sheet that is approximately four feet in width and height. Instead of a piece of cardboard, connect pieces of poster board to make the square sheet.

Stack one medium box on top of another matching box, and tape in place with packing tape. Make a second tower of two medium-sized boxes and tape. Arrange the box towers approximately 30 cm (1 foot) apart.

Place the cardboard sheet flat in front of the two stacks of boxes and connect with tape. This cardboard sheet will act as the hearth of your fireplace.

Create a mantel for your fireplace by placing the large rectangular boxes on top of the hearth. Tape in place for stability.

Decorate the box towers that form the base of your fireplace. Paint the structure to match your home decor or create a faux brick paint treatment. To mimic brick, paint the base with a rectangular sponge and hand paint grout lines.

Paint your mantel. For a homey feel, paint it brown and add wood grains. To resemble a stone finish, sponge paint the mantel grey.

Create a scene on the front of your hearth. On the piece of cardboard sheeting connecting your structure, paint a fire scene. You can also add red and orange bunched up tissue paper to resemble the look of the flames. Instead of painting a fire, consider instead cutting out a hole for the hearth and placing lit candles behind it.

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