Kenwood Chef Instructions

With the Kenwood Chef mixer, you can make bread dough, biscuits, cakes, cheesecakes, mousses, mashed potatoes, meringues and other similar items. The Kenwood Chef is a kitchen mixer that comes with a variety of attachments that allow you to make more than just standard cake batter. If you are used to using a standard mixer, there may be a few attachments or settings on the Kenwood Chef mixer that you are not familiar with.

Grasp the head-lift lever on the right side of the base and turn it clockwise so that you can raise the mixer head until it locks into place. You must do this to insert the tools into the mixer.

Take the tool that you want to use, such as the whisk or beater, and insert it in the tool socket by turning it until it stops and then giving it a push in to lock it.

Lock the bowl into place by inserting it into the bowl base, pressing down and turning it clockwise until it locks.

Raise the mixer head just bit before grasping the head-lift lever and turning it clockwise so that you can lower the head back down until it locks into place.

Plug in the mixer and power it on to begin using it. You can use the speed switch on the side to increase or decrease the mixing speed. The speed settings are between zero and six. You can also put the speed switch on "P," which is the pulse setting. It gives short bursts of speed.

Power off when finished and use the head-lift lever to lift up the head so that you can unscrew the tools and remove the bowl.

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