How to look up a British mobile number

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The national telephone numbering plan is a system for assigning and regulating British phone numbers. British phone numbers vary in length according to many factors, such as geographical location, not-for-profit status and corporate status. Mobile phone numbers typically begin with numbers ranging from 071 to 075 or from 077 to 079.

Launch the UK Telephone Code Locator website (see Resources). Enter available information about the phone number, such as the full number, the name of the town or an area code. Press "Submit."

Go to the Phone Search Central home page (see Resources). This site contains information about mobile phone carriers and prefixes. You can pay a fee to trace a mobile phone number. Choose the specific carrier, if known, to access instructions for ordering the tracing service.

Enter the mobile phone number in a search engine of your choosing. Enclose the number in quotation marks. You may be able to find a specific reference to the mobile number of interest.

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