Instructions for the Rowenta Self-Cleaning Iron

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Rowenta provides a wide variety of steam irons to keep your garments looking fresh and wrinkle-free. Some models of Rowenta irons include a self-cleaning option, which allows you to clean impurities from the steam chamber and vents with minimal effort.

Minerals from tap water can clog them, resulting in poor steam performance and mineral deposits on your clothing. Use the self-cleaning feature on your Rowenta iron once a month to maintain its optimal performance.

Fill the iron to the Max line with tap water, and set the steam lever to minimum.

Set the iron upright and plug it in. Adjust the thermostat to the "•••" setting. Allow the iron to heat completely, and unplug it.

Hold the iron over a sink with the soleplate facing down. Move the steam lever to the "Self-Clean" position, and hold it for one minute. Hold the iron away from you to prevent burns.

Rotate the iron forward and back or side to side while holding the "Self Clean" position. This helps to clear the iron of impurities.

Wipe the soleplate with an old cloth to remove water and other impurities. Take care not to get burn yourself.

Place the iron upright, and allow it to cool.