How to Remove Milia at Home

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Milia is characterised by small white bumps which typically appear on the face in the upper regions around the eyes or forehead. Unlike their acne counterparts, milia are made up of dead skin cells which did not exfoliate away naturally. The dead cells become trapped and form a hardened, often unsightly, spot.

While the milia can be removed at home, it is suggested that the advice and diagnosis of a medical professional is sought before attempting removal.

Sterilise a regular hand sewing needle. An 18-20 gauge needle works well. Heat the needle being careful not to burn the fingers or hands. Get the sharp point red hot. Lay the needle on sterile gauze to cool.

Clean the surrounding area. Use rubbing alcohol on a piece of sterile gauze to clean the area on and around the milia. Begin cleaning in the centre of the area and wipe in a circular motion outward. Do not reclean or go over the area a second time.

Poke the milia with the sterile needle on one side. Only apply enough pressure to barely break the skin.

Lay the needle along side the milia on the opposite side of the puncture. Use the side of the needle to gently press against the milia.

Clean off the expressed material with a piece of sterile gauze.