How to replace cushions for a glider chair

oak glide rocking chair image by James Phelps from

One of the most used things in a nursery is a glider chair. But the cushions are not so durable, and they can become stained or torn. By making your own cushions you can choose different fabric and textures, as well as what kind of padding you would like, whether it is thin or thick.

This project will only take you a few hours of your time to complete.

Take measurements of the old cushions so you know how much fabric and padding you need. Gather your fabric; you can use leftover fabric from a previous project or make a trip to the craft store for something new. Pick out your padding--you can choose whatever thickness works best for you.

Measure the foam padding to fit your chair using a tape measure. Use your pen to mark the right measurements. Get your knife and cut out the foam padding; you can leave the corners that will be showing from the end of the chair square or give them a rounded look.

Fold your fabric in half. Place your cut foam padding onto the fabric and trace around the padding, leaving an extra 2 inches around the edges of the fabric. Once you have your markings, cut the fabric out so you have two matching pieces of fabric.

Place your fabric so the wrong sides are facing you and the right sides of the fabric are facing each other. Pin three sides of the fabric together, leaving about 1 inch of fabric around the edges. Sew the three sides together with a strong fabric thread.

Turn the fabric the right way and insert the foam padding into the fabric; when the padding is inserted correctly, sew the last edge of the cushion.

Set aside your cushion, and with some of the leftover fabric, cut out strips of fabric that measure 1 inch wide by 12 inches long. Fold the edges in so there won't be any fraying and then fold the whole strip of fabric in half length wise. Take your needle and thread and sew all of the open edges together.

Put your cushion on the chair. Pin your ties to the cushion in the position that they can be tied to the glider. Remove the cushion from the glider and attach the ties. Put the cushion back onto the glider and tie the ties to the glider.

Repeat Steps 1 through 6 to make the back cushion for your glider.