How to make silly goo without liquid starch or borax

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Silly goo is also commonly referred to as silly putty. Children love to play with silly goo because it can be stretched or rolled in to a ball and bounced on the floor. Adults may even use it as an instrument to relieve stress. There is no need to pay for silly goo when you can make it at home. Some recipes suggest using borax or liquid laundry starch, but you can make goo without them.

Place 1/2 tsp of Epsom salt and 1/2 tsp of water in a cup. You may want to use disposable cups. Mix the two ingredients together with a spoon until most of the salt is dissolved.

Squeeze 1 tbsp of glue in to your second cup. The website Scouting Web recommends using wood glue but states that white school glue will also work.

Pour the salt/water mixture in to the cup that holds the glue. Mix these ingredients together to form silly goo.

Scoop the silly goo out of the cup and on to a sheet of waxed paper. Experiment with the goo by stretching it, pounding on it and rolling it up in to a ball.

Store the homemade silly goo in a plastic zipper bag.

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