Bosch Tumble Dryer Instructions

If you have replaced your clothes dryer with a Bosch tumble dryer, you may have noticed that it looks a bit different from a traditional GE or Whirlpool tumble dryer. This tall, front-loading dryer has a see-through door and an electronic control panel with just one knob.

The controls on the Bosch tumble dryer are very sensitive and only need to be pressed lightly. Regardless of which Bosch tumble dryer you have, they all work in the same manner.

Put your clothes in your Bosch tumble dryer once they have come out of the wash. Check pockets to make sure there's nothing in them.

Remove the fluff filter and clean out any lint from the previous load. The filter is just inside the dryer door, along the bottom of the opening. Reinsert it and close the dryer door.

Turn the knob on the control panel to select your drying program. Cottons, easy care and timed dry are the main program selections. These settings are for your dryer heat and time.

Press the low-heat button lightly if you have delicate items that cannot withstand high heat.

Start your load by pressing the "Start/Stop" button lightly. You can remove the laundry from the dryer once the load finishes its program cycle.