How to tape eye shields

Doctors and optometrists commonly prescribe eye shields for patients who have suffered an injury to the eye. They also protect the eye following surgical procedures. Often, the eyelid is taped shut underneath the eye shield. Sometimes, the patient also needs a dressing or bandage over the eye and beneath the shield.

If the doctor has prescribed eye drops or ointment, administer the medication before taping the eye shield. Always follow the doctor's exact instructions, and contact the clinic if you have any difficulty.

Check the eyelid; it should be clean and completely dry.

Cut off a piece of adhesive tape about two inches in length. Use only waterproof, lightweight tape.

Instruct the patient to close both of his eyes. Hold the tape horizontally.

Affix the top part of the tape to the lower part of the upper eyelid. Gently press the bottom part of the tape to the skin below the lower eyelid.

Ensure that the tape is on securely by asking the patient to open his eyes. He should not be able to open the taped eye.

Cut two more pieces of adhesive tape, each about two inches in length.

Place the eye shield over the taped eyelid. Secure the top of the eye shield with one piece of tape and the bottom with the other. Do not place the tape over the vent holes in the eye shield; these allow air to circulate.