How to Restore Red Leather Color on Furniture

Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images

Red leather is often used in sofas and ottomans, but when the red begins to dull in colour you are left with an aged, dirty-looking piece of leather furniture. When this happens, use a deep cleaning routine that not only removes any residue or soil from the piece of furniture, but also nourishes the leather. Adding a moisturising routine to the furniture quickly pulls that attractive red colour back out of your furniture, keeping it looking brand new for an extended period of time.

Combine equal portions of white vinegar and olive oil in a large bowl.

Dip a cleaning cloth into your mixture and wring out the cloth.

Wipe the cloth over the entire piece of red leather furniture. Dip the cloth back into the mixture as needed during your cleaning process.

Let any excess cleaning solution dry for about two hours, and wipe it off with a clean cloth to remove the leftover residue. The vinegar removes dirt while the oil moisturises and restores the red leather colour.

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