How to Design Your Own Birthday Invitations

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General protocol for birthday parties is to send an invitation to invited guests a week or two before the party. Invitations are common for children's birthday parties, but are also a nice alternative to an e-mail when inviting guests to an adult's birthday party.

Although invitations can be purchased inexpensively at retail stores, designing your own adds a personalised touch and allows you to make space for all necessary information.

Select a theme for the invitation. Examples of themes include baseball, guitars or golf. Additionally, colours can be used as themes. For example, design the invitation using pink and brown polka dots. Generally the theme of the invitation should also be the theme of the party; therefore, select a theme for which it is easy to decorate.

Decide on the format of the invitations. Invitations can be formal or informal, depending on the style of the event. Additionally, decide whether the invitations will be folded, similar to a birthday card, or a simple postcard style.

Include a quote. For example, the following quote made famous by Lucille Ball could be used on an adult invitation: "The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age." Other quotes can be found by inputting "birthday quotes" into a search engine.

Include important information such as who the party is for and who is hosting it. Additionally, include the location, the reason for the celebration, and specific instructions such as items to bring. At the bottom of the invitation, include how to reply, for example, by phone or e-mail.