A Step-by-Step Rubik's Cube Solution

Magic Cube Puzzle image by joephoto from Fotolia.com

The Rubik's Cube is a colourful puzzle game that was created in 1974 and was popular throughout the 1980s. The game consists of a six-sided block that has nine smaller squares on each side. The main idea of the game is to turn the cube until each side has only one colour of smaller blocks.

Rotate the cube to align the upper right corner and the middle square colours. Do this for each side of the cube until each upper corner matches its middle square colour.

Turn the cube toward the left, then rotate the cube until the top right corner matches the colours on the top of the cube's front. Continue this step until each corner is properly matched.

Place the smaller squares until the top layer is complete. The top pieces may need to be moved out of place in order to complete this step, but they will go back as the top is solved.

Solve the middle layer next. Turn the middle until all three middle rows are on their corresponding color's side.

Flip the cube upside down so that the bottom is now the top. Match the corners with the middle cube colour, and then align the edges until an "H" pattern is created. Turn the remaining cubes to finish.

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